Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Livin' the Glamorous Life

I may have mentioned that I work in Marketing/Advertising and have for a number of years. I've worked for agencies and businesses of all sizes from really small start ups (me and my boss being the office) to huge (hint, hint: Orlando, FL). But all in all, there is one consistent thing - this is not a glamorous business.

I know shows and movies like Mad Men and What Women Want (heck, even Thirtysomethings) makes it look like it's all wheels and deals and travel and eating out and cool.

But, yeah, it's really not. While I've traveled to a few fun places like Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco, generally I've gone to places like East Liverpool, Ohio, Farmville, VA and Green Bay, WI. And let me tell you, I've stayed in some really crummy hotels. Places where you need to bring your own sheets and pillows.

This past weekend, I was at a shoot for my client. While on the surface it sounded great (we were sponsoring a major reality TV show, so we were there for part of the filming) in reality I was staying two days in a really really really small town in a crummy Super 8 Motel.

This place was so bad I was genuinely worried about getting attacked by bedbugs. And I totally wore socks and shoes the whole time. I even went out and bought a towel and pillow to use.

Oh yeah, the food wasn't great either. I think the highlight was the breakfast buffet at the local Shoney's and that's not saying much.

For some reason I deluded myself into thinking that I would need a pair of heels on this trip (well, you never know!) but since I was standing around in dirt for 3 days I pretty much wore a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers.

This is pretty much what I was doing the whole time.

So, like we tell our interns, Advertising is not a lot of fun and it certainly isn't glamorous!

I'm glad to be home!


Meco said...

That hotel doesn't look that bad to me (but then again, it's a picture...things can be worse in person).

Princess Poochie said...

It wasn't so bad visually but the entire place (including my supposedly non-smoking room) positively reeked of smoke (and worse!). It was just totally yucky!

Meco said...

Ack, I hate that when that happens. :P