Monday, December 17, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

We're heading for the mountains and I'm going to be all snuggly and snow bunny-ish!

I'm wearing my jeans, a dark grey camisole, a new graphic t-shirt from Old Navy and my Target cardigan. I also pulled out my winter white suede wedge boots (they're rubbery on the bottom so they're less slippery) with the pink/winter white faux fur edges.

I went into Old Navy to get the new silvered grey jeans (on sale for $20!) and got two of their graphic tees. They had a ton out for the holiday and they were only $5 each.

So comfy and bargain city.


The Nerdy Fashionista said...

Hey! Discovered your blog while googling the Louboutin Anemone... I have a curious love/hate feeling towards them. Glad to discover a fellow show addict!

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks Fashionista!

I'm so glad you stopped by. I'll check your blog out too.

Shoe lovers unite!