Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My New Obsession - Vintage Slips

I once saw a character on a tv show wearing a black slip as a nightgown and it stuck with me as being so elegant and lovely. I've been a bit obsessed. When I went to the vintage store the other day and found the lovely nightgown, I decided to see what eBay had available as well.

The good thing is that these can be worn as a dress (depending on the level of sheerness), as a layering item, as a nightgown or just as a traditional slip.

Here are a few of my favorites as inspiraiton.

I like the shiny black taffeta of this one.

This one has a great bodice.

Even this half slip would be great. I love all the lace. It would be great to wear under a simpler skirt.

Fire engine red! Whoo hoo!

This is a great grey-blue color. I haven't seen many like this. This would be great under my sheer vintage dress/wrap.

This has great lace and it looks almost coral-y. I want.

I'm really liking the blue slips. They are very elegant and unexpected.

I'm so bidding on this fawn colored one. The tiny pleats around the hem are just killing me!

I did get two so far. This 1950's black one is by Emilio Pucci and has a great bust area. I like that the lace at the bottom has a shell feel to it.

This 60's one has the most awesome ruffles at the top. So flirty and flouncy.

The great thing is that almost all of these go for $15 or less. So even if you just wear them around the house you are getting your moneys worth. I like looking for the vintage ones because of all of the detail work. Search in Clothing>Vintage>Woman's Vintage Clothing>1947-1964>Lingerie>Slips

Then grab a pair of slinky slippers, turn on some Sinatra and be a gorgeous dame.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new obsession. There are so many pretty, silky slips out there, you will never run out of new experiences with them.