Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

On Friday I got totally lazy and wore my cropped jeans again! They're just so darn comfy.

The Outfit
I wore a amethyst cardigan over a black cami which were, of course, paired with the capris. I also added a large faux pearl choker and bracelet.

The Focal Point
While I didn't build the outfit around them, my Euripides heels from Ashely Dearborn are hard to miss.

They're pretty striking with their bright colors and unusual shape.

Personally I like the more odd or theme-y Dearborns. I that is what put her on the map. I think her latest styles are a bit tamer, which to be frank, don't cut it for me. But if like less craziness in your footwear, I would check out her styles (she does have some of the unusual pieces still too) as they are very well made and Ashely is very very nice.


Robo said...

Those are some badass shoes. Jealous. Want. :)

WendyB said...

Those shoes are stunning!

daddylikeyblog said...

LOVE them!

T said...

I'm thinking about getting a pair of her flats. Are the heels comfortable? The flats look like they could possibly go either way...

Princess Poochie said...

I haven't tried any of her flats but the heels are very comfortable and well made so I'm sure the flats would be great!