Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kick Ass Shoes

I haven't even really had a chance to wear any of my Spring/Summer shoes yet (I was so chilly today I actually was wearing a tweedy jacket to work) when all of the new Fall shoes are now already hitting the market. Time is just flying by.

I'm not sure I would get these and they would be a very large departure outside of my typical comfort zone but I love these sandal/booties by Yves Saint Laurent (even Saks doesn't know what to call them).

I would wear them with jeans or a skirt and then into Fall with some grey tights. Thank goodness tights are still going to be around.

I'm not too sure about the metal embellishment but the heel is just sick! Gah! I love them.

It's too bad these are in pre-order. I'd love to try them on in person when I'm in New York. Just to see if I can actually walk in them.

1 comment:

cybill said...

They are perfect except for the metal flower thingy - perhaps you should wait for another version.