Friday, May 16, 2008

Leather, Brocade and Temptation

As I get closer to my trip to New York, where I haven't been in ages (shame on me, I know), I realize that I don't have a lot of New York-worthy clothes. I mean, most of my stuff is fun and comfy and good for work but otherwise just eh.

So when Style Spy unfortunately brought the huge YOOX sale to my attention my ears perked up.

Now normally YOOX is crammed with stuff. So much so that it tends to overwhelm me a bit. But I was up not sleeping so I thought I would take a small peak. Nothing serious mind you.

Stupid, stupid me.

I think my wardrobe fears have gotten the best of me because I some how convinced myself I needed all of these things! They're gorgeous and I hope they fit but damn.

First up is this Claudia B. blazer with the cool closure and slightly peplum back. It looks like it could be worn alone as shown for a sexy night out look. We'll have to see if that's a viable option in reality. I'm more worried about showing too much tummy than cleavage.

I always like a good skirt and this Roberto Cavalli is made of an amazing moss green velvet with gold. It may be too much but it could look totally stunning with my velvet Claudio Merazzi heels.

As I was browsing in the skirts section I got totally sucker-punched by this gorgeous silk brocade skirt from Alexander McQueen. I will have to do some serious thinking about what shoes to pair with this... and what top.

What I had actually been looking for were dresses. As I've mentioned, I'm not a huge dress fan and am trying to work more into my wardrobe. I know what silhouettes work well on me and I'm hoping when I try this on it will be what I imagine. The length seems right and I like the v-neck. I may alter the sleeves to be 3/4. But what really drew me to it was the leather detail on the bodice area. It gives it a bit of unexpected toughness that I think is sexy.

Now we just have to try and patiently wait to see if they get here in time and if everything fits! And since it's the big sale, and I've been burned this way by YOOX before, we have to see if we actually get all of them too.


Anonymous said...

Those two skirts are absolutely fabulous!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous selections you made, if they don't fit you can always send them my way!