Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Another new top to wear today. I got this Mizrahi boatneck top on sale at Target. I like the color combo of the pink and orange. I wouldn't have paid full price for it but, marked down, it's not bad.

I paired it with my dressy denim pencil skirt and then to keep it clean I piled on some acrylic bangles and my vintage Trifari owl necklace.

The Focal Point
I know it may be a bit matchy-matchy but I have several pink heels and this gives me an excuse to wear them. These Charles David round-toe pumps are really cute in a Barbie-ish kind of way. The color is on the purple-y pink side but what also makes them different is the pony hair.

I have a ton of A-line skirts but I'm preferring to wear pencil skirts more and more. I just like the more streamlined silhouette better these days.


Hannita said...

I love those shoes! I'm pondering some pink heels right now, and like to get inspiration on what to pair them with! I just discovered your blog last week and am hooked.

The shoes I'm thinking about are spectator mary jane pumps - square/pointy toe, kitten heel, and the accent is bright pink, while the darker color is a rich purple-y blue....any ideas?

Princess Poochie said...

Hi Hannita,

The shoes sound gorgeous. Do you have a link to them online or a picture?

They sound like they'd be gread with navy or denim. I might even pair them with red (since all the tones are together) or use them as an accent to crisp white/khaki outfit (maybe add a patent belt in the bluish or purple tones). Also if you can find a dress with a small print that has similar tones I bet the wingtip style would stand out.

And since they're kitten heel, cropped pants or circle skirts would be cute!


Hannita said...

Thanks for the ideas! I think I'm going to buy them and will send you a picture then (not online because from a Buenos Aires store).