Monday, May 12, 2008

4 Heels, 3 Ladies, 2 Cities and 1 Big Disappointment

Way back in February the fabulous Queen Marie did a post about these amazing Jil Sander architectural heels she saw in a magazine. Being a Spring/Summer 2008 shoe, they were not yet available, but I blithely gave my heart away to them.

I had been instantly smitten by the grey and pink color combination, the almost non-existent straps, and obviously, the amazing structural heel.

I'm not usually one for overly modern styles but I was just in love with them. When the styles started hitting the stores I immediately looked online. And while there were several in the line that were similar, the pink and grey color combo were nowhere to be found.

So I contacted the main inquiry line and found out that no one in the US had a 35.5 on the stock list. The only store anywhere that got the heel in a 35.5 was the Milan store. Well, distance is no object when you're in love, right?

Vanessa in the Milan store was very helpful and we finally got the payment information all arranged and my heels were winging their way to me.

Except when they finally arrived and I ripped open the box I was in for a disappointment. The heel was pink and grey. Although the pink was more like a grape-y burgundy and the grey was much darker. Not what I wanted at all. I got back in touch with the New York Jil Sander office and they offered to help me by letting me return the shoes to them and by tracking down another option. Sadly the pink and grey slingbacks that I so loved were not going to be made at all! I was so depressed!

But they did say they had an ankle strap version in either pink, pinkish-orange, or grey. The only 35.5s were only available in the Milan store again, so I said send me the pink or pink-ish orange and then patiently waited.

They're both very pretty, no?

A while later the DSL truck pulled up and delivered the long anticipated shoes. I ripped open the wrapping and there they were.... in bright FRICKING ORANGE!!!!

I did not sign up for orange. I would NOT consider them "pink-ish orange". I look horrible in this color orange. UGH!

Yes, they're still a gorgeous shoe but for the cost, I'm not going to keep a shoe that is less than what I wanted. So, sadly, they went back to New York and ultimately Milan. These shoes are better traveled than I am lately.

I will say that the ladies I worked with from Jil Sander were very nice and very helpful, so I don't blame them too much. They just need to not feature heels that they aren't going to make (I'm not talking runway heels, this was featured in a magazine as a item for Spring) and they need to get their descriptions in line. If you're interested in this shoe be advised, the toe strap is very very tight. Just don't tell me about it because I will be so jealous.

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