Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Since it's been pretty cool, even this far into May, I've been holding off on wearing many of my Summer clothes. I haven't even switched out my closets yet. I know that I will get sick of the heat and the clothes soon enough so I don't want to rush it unnecessarily.

Even so, I decided to I wanted to wear this outfit which is comprised of all new items and all from Target. The skirt is a cute khaki circle-ish skirt with big flower appliques. The edges are kind of raw so it has a modern almost graphic appeal. The shirt is a simple jersey top but the neckline is cute and not your standard scoop neck. I bought a wide brown belt and decided to pair it with this to provide a bit of contrast. I don't wear belts very often but I liked how this all went together even though it takes some getting used to for me.

The Focal Point
I might have worn white heels if I hadn't worn the belt but now it called for a darker shoe. I think these Franco Sarto heels have an almost gladiator look to them. I'm not a huge lover of that style but this doesn't take it too far and they add a tough edge, something also a bit new for me.

Now I'm kind of on the look out for more "tough" shoes. I have my eye on a pair, but we'll have to see if I end up getting them.

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