Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

I had this whole long post written about the history of fashion filled with insights and then a sneak peek into all these upcoming designers and then...POOF! Blogger died on me and it's all flushed down the drain.

So you get my boring outfit post. Sorry about that.

That Outfit
Simple stuff but it was a casual day and I wanted to wear my new cropped jeans, which I love love love! The red v-neck is from Gap and the softest knit. Very light and comfy. I got it a size too big and now wish I had gone for the smaller size. I hope they make this style again in the fall. I'll definitely stock up.

The Focal Point
For me it was being comfy in my new jeans (they have some stretch and were $17 - so great for this summer) but what I like about them is that they let my shoes be seen. I did end up getting these Nine West sandals. I thought the leather looked great, and it does, as well as the style which is a bit of a departure from me. All the buckles give it a slightly tougher edge than I tend to go for. But I like them.

The buckles on the toe are take a bit of getting used to but they aren't uncomfortable. I think the gold and white combo gives it an upscale classic look.

If I can ever find a khaki pencil skirt I like I will be wearing these with it a lot. They are good basics to build on.


Anonymous said...

Great outfit. LOVE the sandals!

Anonymous said...

Hardly boring, and those shoes are sweet!

I know it's a bit late for your insightful entry of fashion, but ... I recommend always composing your blogs in a text editor outside of the browser and pasting it in when you're done. You'll avoid much grief that way.