Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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I've been a bit slow on the uptake on getting this done. Miss Katie at Breaking Curfew tagged me to tell six habits or quirks about myself that, I'm assuming, no one knows. Since you already know I'm a big city girl who now has three chickens, I'm sure everything else will less odd in comparison, but here we go:

  1. My minor in college was Early British Literature. That means I read Beowulf, the Mabinogian and Sir Gawain and The Green Knight... for fun. I also "collect" stories about the Arthur legend and fairy tales.

  2. I grew up in South Florida and volunteered at Miami MetroZoo for over five years. Consequently I'm not afraid of any bug, spider, snake or animal and have been bitten or scratched by everything from parrots to wolves to hedgehogs. Heck, I've rescued and relocated coral snakes from my front yard. Plus I don't mind getting messy when it comes to taking care of an animal.

  3. I'm a not-so-closet geek. I was doing science fair competitions and reading fantasy/sci-fi in high school, not cheerleading or reading fashion mags. And I still want that darn Kindle!

  4. I love really esoteric Victorian silver serving pieces like baked potato and lettuce forks. They come in handy when we have a tea party.

  5. We don't watch a lot of TV, especially not reality TV but we'll have movies on all day long. Althought we thought this show was high-larious!

  6. I don't like sugary candies but I love to bake and love love love dark chocolate, especially the Black Pearl and Naga truffles from Vosges, Scharffen Berger 77% (even though they sold out to Hershey's - blech!) and the Godiva Key Lime truffle.

So there you go! Interesting, who knows. I'm not the greatest on giving out tags, so I'll take a cue from Miss Wendy B. - if you want a tag, just let me know!


WendyB said...

Does this mean you have the first 26 lines of the Canterbury Tales memorized?

Amy said...

this isn't quite on topic for this post, but bear with me. That fabulous "champagne" necklace that you love and wear pretty often - Where did you get it? I've always admired it when you post that you're wearing it, but recently I've decided that I need one of my own. Any ideas?

Princess Poochie said...

Wendy - I'm not quite that good, but I could tell you most of the players and how they're interconnected in 8 different versions of the Arthur legend. Except for the Kiera Knightly movie. Didn't see that!

Amy - I got it from an Australian site called This is Genevive. I have the link on my site on one of the earlier pages. I'm away from my main computer right now but can hunt it up for you or you can google them. It took some doing since they didn't have online ordering but it was totally worth it.


jinnan-tonnyx said...

I want the Kindle too, so that I can download comics & graphic novels to read on the train.