Monday, May 5, 2008

Tea Cups and Tea Parties

On Saturday I went to Target. I know, I know. I should never ever go in there ever again. I needed to get some sunscreen and it was right next door to where I was making a return. What harm would it do to just take a quick spin around the store.

Harmless, right???

Wrong. Gah! There were all things I needed there. And I put half of what I had picked up back on the rack. So that's like saving money, right? Okay, let's just go with that rationalization, shall we?

I got a nice little black rayon dress which will be great for traveling to New York. I also got these cropped jeans in a dark indigo wash. They fit awesome and were only $17. They have some stretch to them too. I was pleased with them. I also got three cropped carigans to wear with some of my dresses. Since it's so hot out but the AC is always on, these should come in handy. They look short-sleeved on the model but they hit me as 3/4 sleeves. And the grey one was on sale for $10!

I liked the dress and grey cardigan so much I decided to wear it to a Ladies Tea tea party the next day. I, of course, had to pair it with my Miu Miu tea cup heels. I mean, come on! What else could I wear???

You don't need to do much to play up these shoes. I opted to wear my vintage gold heart locket and my watch. Both help play up the gold accents in the heels.

To all the lovely ladies from all over the world, it was a pleasure to meet you!


WendyB said...

OMG, I am so jealous of those shoes!

Princess Poochie said...

Well I'm jealous of your Prada fairies bag so we're even!


WendyB said...

Take that! :-P

M-L-E said...

those are the coolest shoes EVER!
well, maybe the miu miu spectator ones from last fall or the prada flower are close.. but man..

besides coveting them; i have great admiration of your talent to wear these works of art and not scuff them up..
i am bad with my feet so i stick to cheap target shoes and sometimes 9 west if i want to splurge..

Princess Poochie said...

m-l-e -

Thank you! I do try to not scuff them as much as possible. I do tend to hit the inside of my heels together and I also scuff my toes alot. One big key for me is to wear driving shoes in the car and not my good shoes. I've messed up more pairs on my car pedals. I have a stick-shift car and I was getting black marks when I changed gears. It had to stop.