Thursday, May 15, 2008

Poochie Has No Clothes

You may have noticed that this week has been a little light on the outfit of the day posting. The hubby has been out of town since last week fishing which means that I've had to try and keep up with taking care of all the pets, the house, getting ready for work, schlepping the dogs to the doggie day care, going to work and then some community meetings in the evenings.

It kind of sucks.

But he's having a nice visit with his Dad and cousin and uncle so that on the positive side. And I get to go to New York in a few weeks so, he'll have to pick up the slack then. I guess that makes us about even.

Not that anything I've been wearing this week is too awesome or anything. Since I've been carting the dogs to and from the day care place I really haven't worn anything too nice because my older pup likes to lay on my lap while we're driving. And even when they both stay in the passenger seat I still manage to get dog hair all over me. I had to put the lint roller in the car with me because I was so covered. Plus, as the week progresses they get kind of stinky. I can't wait until Friday night when I can wash them. Pe-ew!

I did pull out some more older shoes which were kind of cool but he has the camera too! So I am sans pictures. Once he gets back I'll have to take pics of the shoes I wore (if I can remember that far back!) and post them up.

After this week we'll be back to our regular programming with some added fun of trying to figure out what to pack for the City.

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