Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For Your Consideration

A while back I got this really cute sequin skirt from YOOX. It was a good bargain and you just never know when you are going to need a black sequin skirt, right?

Well, I haven't worn it just yet. My vision was to wear it with a white t-shirt and Chuck Taylors or something but that's for another day. Now I'm thinking of taking it with me to New York and can't decided on the right top to wear with it.

For some reason I'm totally spacing on what to pair it with. I was thinking the deep v-neck American Apparel t-shirt in black (which I don't own, but could get) but I'm not sure. I would typically go for a 3/4 or longer sleeved shirt. I have a whole bunch of black tops that would be okay but I wanted something a little better.

I want something fun and not too boring. Any inspired ideas out there?


Daniela said...

When are you coming to NY? Definitely check the weather, because it has been downright COLD lately. In Penn, we're having trouble getting over 50*F (it's 37 right now; yesterday was 44*F). I like the casual approach of the American Apparel tee (which you should get) but I'd likely, at this point, opt for something slightly warmer.

Princess Poochie said...


You're right. It's even been chilly here. My packing list is all over the place!


StyleSpy said...

I love wearing a dressy skirt like that with a simple white button-front blouse (sharply tailored, of course) and a good, statement-y necklace. You want the skirt to be the focus of the outfit and a nice simple blouse keeps you from looking like you're trying too hard. Throw on some fabulous shoes (and I know you can manage that) and you're good to go. Plus, the blouse will do double-duty on the trip (provided you don't spill your cosmo down the front of it!).

anastasia said...

Don't know if you've been keeping up with the weather reports but it's going to be lovely--70s lovely--in the city all weekend. I woke up to sunshine, finally.