Saturday, May 24, 2008

Innovations in Packaging

As I've mentioned before I've been helping out with the marketing of The owner, Kassie, is a great person and I like seeing the industry from her perspective because I aspire to starting my own shoe line (shhh! Don't tell anyone) some day or maybe a brick & mortar shoe store in my town.

Kassie has included some great elements into her company's philosophy, such as recycling and giving back to the community. But now she's actually been looking to reduce her packaging and carbon footprint by creating a new way to ship the shoes she sells.

The ShoeShuttle is a very plush quilted two compartment bag with a drawstring ribbon closure. The shoes come from the manufacturer in the bags and then are shipped to you in a recycled cardboard box. I recently got a pair shipped to me and took pictures so you could see how it looks.

With most high-end designer shoes you will get a dust bag with your purchase. I love these bags because I carry my shoes to and from work rather than wearing them while I'm driving. I also use them when I travel to keep my shoes from getting nicked up in my suitcase.

This bag is far superior to any that I've seen to date. Not only is it much thicker and padded but it has two compartments. Usually I have to pull a bag from another pair of shoes so I can wrap each shoe individually (putting both shoes in one bag almost defeats the purpose in my opinion). I love that these are in one bag but individually protected.

I've been looking around to see if there are any other companies who are looking into new innovations in design and packaging. Obviously there has been a lot done with new materials such as vegan-friendly but I haven't seen any new box or packaging options. If anything I've seen boxes get more luxurious and branded.

Personally I keep all of my shoes in their original boxes (or buy/re-purpose a photo-holder box for instances such as with vintage shoes that don't have their boxes) because I have to stack my shoes. And also the boxes help with identification purposes for me. But I like the bag a lot for travel.

SimplySoles is starting with the incorporation of these bags for their own brand of shoes, lillybee, but will be asking the designers that they carry to incorporate the bags for their lines as well. The bag will soon be available for individual purchase as well and are $18.

Has anyone seen any packaging that they thought was innovative or that they really liked? And if you have any thoughts on the ShoeShuttles, let me know and I'll pass it along to Kassie.

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anastasia said...

I have been looking for a great shoe bag that keeps the shoes separate (I agree...bagging them together defeats the purpose). When these become available for purchase I would definitely, definitely purchase several.