Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

As I've been stressing over what clothes to pack for my trip to NY next week, I've been trying on some items I've had packed away for various reasons. But if clothes have hung around for more than a year it's because I really really like them.

The Outfit
It's still surprisingly cool here so when I decided to wear this skirt, I was able to pair it with a lightweight cashmere sweater in a slightly different shade of grey. For jewelry I wore my jade bangle and a jade circle pendant that my parents brought me from Chine when I was a freshman in high school. Both jade pieces are more white jade than the typical dark green.

For shoes I pulled a tone from the tulip design of the skirt and wore these delicate melon suede Guiseppe Zanotti heels that were a major bargain from a few years ago.

I love the shape of the heel and the color, of course, but I think the tassles were what sold me. I think tassled shoes are so cute.

They're a great tonal mix of suede and regular leather.

The Focal Point
Now typically I'm not sure having a giant flower right at your hips is the greatest idea (and this angle would seem to attest to that) but since it's a pencil skirt it actually isn't too bad. Plus, I love the giant flower skirts that Mizrahi did for Target. I also have the white skirt with the giant pink peony.

I don't think this will come with me to NY but it's pretty cute. I'm glad it's back in the rotation. Now I just need to find more tops to pair with it.

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