Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't Be a Tough Guy

After I bought the Bluemarine dress from, I determined that I had absolutely no shoes that would properly go with it. I really wanted to pair something strappy but modern and a bit tough. I have some lovely sandals and pumps but not a lot of "tough" shoes.

But I'm finding that I'm more and more drawn to these shoes. I think perhaps, my horizons have been widened by my stylish blogger friends.

I am very covetous of these Gucci Sevigny sandals. The wide strap and double buckles give it the edge but I love the shape of the heel. Nine West did a knock-off of these but, even though they are far more wallet friendly, they just are not executed that well. I'd rather go without than get a shoe so poorly done.

Since those are not likely to be bought any time soon, I've been looking for another option that jumps out at me. These sandals from Nine West are pretty good. I like the strappyness but I wonder if they are dressy enough. They're $80 which isn't too bad

But I think these Everless sandals are more the look I'm going for. The triple straps and toe strap give it sort of a dominatrix-y look which is more my kind of tough.

I'm not sure if I'll get either. I'm sure they would come in handy but I don't need them that quickly. I'm actually sending the dress back. It had a rip in a seam and for the price it was (even way marked down) I don't want to have to worry about it. It is a gorgeous dress though. Now I just need to find another going out dress that I can wear one of these heels with.


Terry said...


Definitely keep the Everless sandals with that strappy look and lose the dress. Just gives you another excuse to go shopping! BTW, totally agree with you on the shoe pick.



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Anonymous said...

I found another knock off of the Gucci sandals on yoox but I cant remember the name of them! They looked bettere than Nine West's, but I still prefer the originals!Shoegal

Princess Poochie said...

If you remember them ,Shoegal, let me know. The clincher for me is the shape of the heel on the Guccis. I just love it!


StyleSpy said...

I bought a pair of Marni Galaxy sandals last month (big, badass chunky patent platforms) and I Cannot. Stop. Wearing them. The go with absolutely everything, and I'm on the lookout for more of the same. Try something with a wedge -- it really adds to the funky factor and de-sweetens certain looks. I wore my Galaxies with a tulle skirt this weekend and it totally rocked.