Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One more SATC: Movie commentary. Like we need more of those!

First off - If you are even more of a procrastinator than I am and have not seen the SATC Movie and you don't want any spoilers, please stop reading now.

Yeah, I know everyone and their brother has given a rundown on the movie and picked apart everything from the fashion to the shoes to the wall color and the brand of sheets on Charlotte's bed.


I'm slack, okay. I get it.

And even though I was actually in New York the day the movie opened, I didn't go until just last night. But, I like it that way. I don't mind knowing stuff about the movie. Heck, I bought the book and read it before I went. What was great was the movie was pretty empty so I didn't get all distracted by other people in the theater. And I went by myself so I wouldn't have to share it with the hubby (especially since I don't think he was totally into it. Not sure why.)

Rather than do a big overview and deconstruction of all the nuances, this is more of a list (albeit a long list) of impressions and the stream of consciousness thoughts that went through my head while I watched the movie. Some of which I was texting the hubby at home as it went on. Generally I thought it was good although a bit choppy in the beginning and the banter seemed a bit forced compared to the show. But I expected that due to the change is format.

1. Why the hell are they using a stupid Fergie song as the movie opener? Yuck!

2. Labels & Love? I never really thought that the girls were label whores. Yes, they like designer clothes but they didn't wear anything just because it was from a designer. It was fashion they loved. I don't consider that to be the same thing. Maybe it is nowadays.

3. That Smith Jared turned into quite a man, didn't he?

4. My favorite outfit in the whole movie is Carrie's white vest and slacks with the pink shirt, hatbox purse and black accents.

5. I love that Carrie wears that belt throughout.

6. I. Adore. Anthony

7. OMG! What the heck happened to Candice Bergen? I'm not trying to be mean but she's swelled.

8. I'm sooo glad they didn't have a ton of Vogue staffers (especially that insufferable Andre Leon Talley) all up in the movie getting screen time.

9. I have to admit it. SJP looked amazing in the Vogue shoot. I thought she looked good in the magazine shots but that could have been lots of airbrushing and soft-focus. Maybe they touched up the footage but she looked good in the dresses, especially the Vera Wang and the Lacroix.

10. Carrie cannot read with emotion at all. Get Gary Oldman in there to read Beethoven's love letter.

11. Second favorite outfit - the Proenza Schouler outfit she wears to the library. Especially those shoes. Darn! Plus, that library is gorgeous.

12. Saying "Let's just get it over with" during sex? OUCH!

13. I know it's not really a Disney coloring book but it sure looks like it.

14. Love the jeans outfit Carrie's wearing when she sees the closet for the first time. Per the book, SJP was just wearing that on the set for a fitting and Patricia Field suggested she wear it for the scene.

15. The Closet - WOW! Not that I would want that exact one, but the dream of so much space... sigh!

16. Fashion show montage - better here or in The Sweetest Thing????

17. Who packs boxes in those clothes?

18. You'd think they'd be used to seeing Samantha by the 5th "homecoming". Geez.

19. Okay, yeah, I'd squeal for the 2nd bottle of Champagne.

20. LOVE how Samantha shuts down Karl the d**khead at the rehearsal dinner. Loved it! But I'm not sure about those earrings with the collar of the dress.

21. Wait a second! Why are they letting the 4-year-old (five year old?) carry that $5000 cupcake bag. God dammit!

22. Carrie looked alternately scary and gorgeous. Under her veil she was transformed. It reminded me of how Astair transforms Hepburn's image in Funny Face.

23. All of the girls looked just gorgeous in their bridesmaid dresses especially Charlotte. I love that the crew nicknamed the dress "The Black Swan".

24. When Carrie beats Big with the flowers, I was a bit taken aback. She's was a little crazed. And frankly I thought it a bit of an over-reaction. I would have been a bit afraid of her.

25. Best acting of the movie - Charlotte's face as she yells "NO!" at Big. It was spot on. Worth it to see the movie again just for that moment.

26. I thought the whole "waxing" and having Charlotte "Poughkeepsie" in her pants was kind of unnecessary.

27. Although in the later scene it is funny when Carrie says the fact that she had pooped herself meant she was all done with the bad karma for the year.

28. Did anyone notice that Carrie's phone is all duct taped up? She's not a technology girl. So she doesn't spend her money there. Nice detail.

29. Oooh! And when Carrie's listening to her voicemail from Big on the day of the wedding the mailbox voice said it was from September 20th. That's my wedding day! Ha!

30. Did she not notice the Asian guy had walked in wearing a pair of hot pink heels? Seriously?

31. Okay, who has not heard about Bag, Borrow and Steal. I mean, I knew of them about five years ago when they first started. Also, to borrow a bag you still pay a rental fee for each week - like $100+ a week depending on the bag. If Louise is so broke how can she even afford that? It's still expensive. And the whole thing with her and the "labeled" bags just kind of creeped me out. It's why all these young girls are going into serious debt trying to keep up with women who are more established and have more discretionary income. So Louise is still trying to keep up.

32. Plus, I can't see Carrie ever caring about that service. I don't think she would be down with the whole borrow and return thing. It's like pretending you own something. I don't like it.

33. So here's a observation that could be so thin it's practically see-through but let's stretch the metaphor - I'm very glad it's a rescue dog but a) didn't they say it was a "she"? b) girl and fixed dogs only mount to display dominance. Is that what Samantha is doing with sex? and c) I'd say it was a bit of a compulsion with the dog. Is sex a compulsion with Samantha? Just reading too much into it possibly.

34. Sublimating with food. Ha!

35. I can totally understand Charlotte's fear about having so many good things and being terrified that something terrible was going to happen. Who doesn't feel that sometimes?

36. Dang it! Yes, I cried a bit during the New Year's Eve scene.

37. No one who loves shoes that much would wear white kid leather booties to run out into the snow and sleet.

38. Where was Vivienne Westwood at the end of her fashion show?

39. Miranda looked really really good on Valentine's Day.

40. Stupid Vogue masthead "beauty shot". We get it. Vogue. Sponsor. Can we be done already?

41. "I'm an emotional cutter." Funny line.

42. I'm glad that the girls are a part of creating their own problems, that they recognize it and then work to fix it.

43. A friend had a good point - Louise spends three months in NYC then gets her engagement? What a cop-out.

44. Hello! Penis!

45. Dang it! Cried more on the bridge. Stupid emotions!

46. Carrie's apartment - Love the new wall color. Not a huge fan of the floral couches.

47. When Samantha tells Smith she wants to leave him I was surprised he wasn't more surprised. I would have expected him to think she wants to move back to NYC not leave him.

48. I don't think that once Samantha left she would still be scarfing down food on the plane. Would she?

49. Charlotte looks like a big ol' beach ball in her polka-dot dress and pink coat - but I think she would revel in that since she'd wanted the baby so badly.

50. I love that deconstructed jacket with the floral rosettes Carrie wears when she goes back to the closet to get her heels.

51. I hate the fact that the "Something Blue" heels in the movie have a higher and skinnier heel than the ones they are selling now. I just know it! Oh yeah, and that's a heck of a price increase from $525 to $895 (or $945 or whichever it is today).

So there you go! Think there will be another movie?


WendyB said...

I actually liked the flower scene -- the whole library, wedding disaster scene was the best part for me.

People around me gasped at Candice Bergen :-( Definitely very noticeable. She looked so puffy it made me wonder if she is on some kind of medication that causes her to retain water.

Robo said...

Woo! I saw it late, too (in San Francisco, no less) :) The theatre was empty, as well, but this gay guy asked me if it was my first time seeing the movie as we walked out. Figures!

Totally agree with you about Charlotte's "NO!" That moved me to tears because it reminded me of my girl friends, too. They love fiercely like that. LOVED the dresses the ladies wore for Carrie's wedding -- mirrored their personalities yet didn't compete with Carrie's gown.

Wasn't it a bit too simplistic how Carrie figured out the password to the hidden folder Louise created?

Another movie would be great, but then again, maybe the rest of their lives is best left to our imaginations.

Katie said...

the white vest and pants with the pink blouse was my favorite outfit too!

charlotte's 'no!' was so so so moving. the other part i loved was when samantha was feeding carrie in mexico- their support was so moving.

jkw said...

Loved your post - agree with nearly all of it, except for Bag Borrow Or Steal.
While we are thrilled to be in the movie, our customers rent from us because they love fashion and want access to more, being able to get the latest without the clutter or commitment (not because they can't afford it - like Louise).
Thanks for the shout out and keep blogging!
Jodi Watson
Chief Marketing Officer

Princess Poochie said...

Hey Jodi!

Thanks for stopping by. I totally get the BBS service and that it's a great way to test out new fashion.

I felt weirded out about how they portrayed the Louise character. I don't think they wrote it in the best way.

Keep up the good work!

Princess Poochie said...


I know! I felt so bad about Candice. I was worried about her too. She looked so amazing in Miss Congeniality. That wasn't that long ago.

Robo - I think Louise WANTED her to find it!


Anonymous said...

i would love to start by saying that are you a fan of the series?? By reading alot of your comments i would assume not as you point out alot of things that only people who have seen the series will understand!

1) i love the song its perfect
15) i cant believe u wouldnt want that closet i dies and went to heaven when i saw that
16)the fashion montages in the sweetest thing and SATC are completly different in TST they are dressing up mocking alot of famous movies in SATC she is putting on all the clothes the wore in the series
24) the bit with the limos, flowers and big was soooooooooooo sad i cried and cried and cried it was so sad. but i think that it would have more impact if you had seen the series
51) THOSE SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR! i love them so much!

There will not be another movie what would they have to say they sumed up the story its not like when the stopped producing the series there were alot of loose ends but everything is tied up now

i also think that the wedding gown was gorgeous however spoiled by that thing on her head yuk!

my favourite out fit i couldnt choose i loved 95% of them i love the green outfit with the gladiotor heel and i loved the white dress witht hte huge flower. SO GREAT