Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shoe Luck

When asking people to remember their "lucky" moments, they bring up stories of when they found $20 on the street, won a prize, or just making their flight. Mine are all about shoes.

There are different kinds of "shoe luck". There are the times when you are shopping for an event at the last minute. You know you are never going to find the shoes you need because you actually need them (that's why you should always by shoes you love when you see them - you'll never find them again). But as you head into your favorite store, prepared for disappointment, you find the perfect shoe right off the bat - the right style, right size, good price and they fit like a dream. An unexpected gift from the Shopping Gods. You giddily take your shopping bag and head home with extra time to get beautiful.

Then there are times when trip across a shoe lovah that you thought had passed you by. They were there for a brief moment, but you turned your head and they were gone. No amount of searching and crying was going to bring them back into your life. Then, one day, you are out of your usual environment - say, on a business trip to a locale you have never been to and will probably never return to. You, for lack of anything else to do, go to the outlet mall near your hotel, and then it happens. It's them. The very ones that you had pined for. The shoes that had left. On sale. In your size. Weeping tears of joy and disbelief you quickly grab three colors before anyone else sees them and takes them away from you. You will never be parted again!

My Nine West Satin D'orsay Espadrilles - I got them in an apple-y green and luscious teal.

Shoe luck can also come like a karmic blessing. There are "those shoes". The shoes of the moment that everyone is hunting for, coveting, taking pictures of at celebrity events. They're on the catwalk but not in any store. Frustration drives you to madness. But, perhaps the NYC main store will know if there are any out there that may have been overlooked, tucked into a corner where no one has found them. Maybe. Right? It could happen. But you know it's hopeless. The Internet and blogs are buzzing with the fact that these shoes just cannot be found. Or if they are, it's on Ebay for twice the price. You know that by calling you are just going to be perceived as an ignorant yokel who is behind the curve, but you have to ask. So you call, expecting haughty New York-Designer Store-Sales Associate disdain.

Me - "Hello, I was wondering if you knew if there were any of the Miu Miu double-strap mary janes available anywhere?

NYDSA - "Well they are pretty much sold out in all of the colors already. We only have a pair of 36s in silver left and they are on sale because we are getting ready for next season.

Me - *faints* I'll take them! Can you ship them to me RIGHT NOW????

Me - Hanging up the phone - *Giddy happy dance*

Then there is my ultimate shoe luck story. We were in London over New Year's. We were going to go to Harrod's, of course, because it is the greatest store in the world. But, hold the phone, there is a massive day after New Year sale. Everything including all designer shoes, etc., 50%+ off.

No. Freaking. Way. We were so going.

But, we were obviously delusional in our under-estimating of the Londoner desire for this sale. There were lines wrapped around the corner, security guards having to let folks in one at a time. And the shoe department was CRAZY. It was a good 20 degrees warmer there than anywhere else. Designer shoes everywhere. Women grabbing sales associates, trying shoes on sitting on the floor. Two girls almost got into a fight and a little old lady was chewing out the department manager. I grabbed a few pairs and got in line for the register. I had sent my hubby to check out the foods floor to save his sanity but after 4o minutes I felt I had to let him know I was still alive. The line hadn't moved so people had formed alliances and we had each taken turns to go tell our respective others that it would be a while longer. But after another 40 minutes and no movement, I had to abandon my attempt. We had reservations for tea at the Ritz.

I left my finds forlornly and we left. Poor Poochie - no shoes for me.

After tea, I was still bummed so we went to the Jimmy Choo store - but they had nothing in my size. Was I going to leave London with nary a heel? I guess I looked pretty sad so he asked if I wanted to go back to Harrods. Not really getting the most out of a London trip, but I had to go back.

As we walked in, I knew everything was sure to be picked over with nothing left for moi. I did find a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels in a muted floral-y print and went to get ask the associate to bring me the other shoe. As I was waiting I saw this woman trying on a pair of boots. The most amazing boots I had ever seen. She was looking in the mirror debating with herself whether to get them or not. As she turned back and forth, the boots glittered and sparkled in the light. They were made of a metallic patterned fabric and they shone gold or teal or burgundy depending on how the light hit them.

I almost mugged her to get them.

No matter what size they were, if she was going to put them down, I was ready to pounce. She asked the associate if there were anymore in that size because the ones she had were smudged on the back. I chimed in and asked if, while she was looking, could she see if she had my size too. The associate didn't give either of us much hope with her "Don't bet on it" look. But my new best friend, the nice boots lady said - I think I saw a pair in your size over on the display.

I didn't actually knock her or anyone down as I sprinted over there, but I did move pretty quick. And there they my size! And here they are:

My Dolce and Gabbana amazing sparkly boots. These pictures so do not do them justice. I heart them way too much.

Shoe luck - much less trustworthy than gambling and so bliss-inducing. Any shoe luck stories you want to share?


G.G. said...

Hey, I have those espas in black! Love your D&G glitter boots, very glam.

Shoe luck story. I took Glam Pooch to get groomed one day and there's a shabby old thrift shop across the street. The selections were quite sad actually, but then I wandered to the back to the shoes and I found a PAIR OF BLACK SATIN MANOLOS for $3! Not $30, $3. They were in great shape, but here my shoe luck ended. They were a size 8, my foot being 7.5. I couldn't not buy them, so I did, and ended up selling them on eBay for $65, with which I bought a cute pair of pumps on sale. Not Manolos of course, but still, free shoes :)

Princess Poochie said...

You were wise to not offend the Shoe Luck Gods by buying the Manolos. The fact that you were able to get another pair of shoes tht fit you mean that they were pleased with you.

Good choice. Plus, whomever bought them on eBay probably think they got a dose of Shoe Luck.