Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Today's outfit is sort of a glam-prep Summer outfit. Kelly green cable summer sweater with 3/4 sleeves, khaki linen a-line skirt and sky-high Louboutin cork heels.

The Focal Point
What else could it be? Of course it's the Louboutins. I love the gold that peaks through the cork and the pattern and texture of the cork itself. I had not worn these yet and I have to tell you, I expected them to be way less comfortable than they are.

It's amazing how the architecture of the shoe can counteract what could be a challenging shoe to wear.


Anonymous said...

I love your shoe collection, but seeing louboutins with such a simple outfit almost drives me insane! You have such marvelous taste in shoes, why not pair them with a suitable, fashionable outfit? I would love to take you shopping sometime for cute accessories that could glam up any simple outfit and add interest and remain totally unique.

For your outfit for that day, I would suggest:
1. a simple ultra lighweight short sleeved button up in white or with a tiny subtle print and a medium width nude/tan patent belt.

2.Just pulling off the belt with a chunky bracelet would also be intriguing. (Chanel makes amazing nude chunky bangles)

3.Adding just some chunky long necklaces in nude or light tan that hit the belly would make a world of a difference. You can find those everywhere for a great price. (forever 21 is the best place to purchase fancy, designer inspired looks, at 5 or 6 dollars!) Especially 'cause costume jewelry is in, why not use it to add fashionista flair to your outfit. "What you wear outside is a reflection of the in-"

4.I love adding little touches of red with louboutin shoes. I know it can be a little to kitsch or cheesy when I say that, but something incredibly unnoticable like the soles can add interest to any look. Little bead earrings from morocco or brazil, or maybe even venetian glass beads can be worn with hair down and drapey. You will barely notice them as they peak out of your hair.

I love your blog and your shoes and even closet!, but I do think you should accessorize a little with more substantial pieces to bring the outfit to life! I know you may be highlighting the shoes, but I think you are making your outfit too dull and washing yourself out too much for people to notice your shoes. I am envious of your entire wardrobe and shoes and of course your blog! Please don't stop posting.

Kicks (shoes) and kisses,

ps. watch out for my blog that's coming out soon. It will all be about wearing 5inch platforms to a tough day at working in the fashion industry! ;-)

Princess Poochie said...


Thanks for all the suggesstions. They sound great! I do have some fun jewelry, especially the long necklaces like you mention.

I do tend to get a bit "lazy" with the jewelry. I usually wear a watch, my wedding rings and a ring on my right hand. Lately I've been trying to incorprate more, especially bangle bracelets. I also used to wear earrings more.

What I'm finding is that, when I get to work, I'm either on the phone or the computer and they're getting in my way so I take them off.

I haven't done a lot with belts. Hmmmm...maybe some shopping is in order.

You have inspired me to be more diligent!


Anonymous said...

Small dangly single-bead earrings are great for work! The name escapes me, but the shape is a shepard's hook with a clasp taht secures it in the back. My most default pair of earrings goes under my lobe about 1/2 an inch and is followed by a small pewter colored pearl. I wear them so often because I like to wear my hair up for work and wearing any chandelier or huge movement inspired earrings wouldn't be too suitable. After a few days of wearing my hair up, I realized that I wasn't having as much trouble with the phone as I had before. I've been purchasing little subtle earrings since and have shunned the hoops and the chandeliers for club hopping and formal evants only!