Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Imitation = Flattery?

Okay, I know I just expressed a renewed fondness and admiration for Nine West but I am now sort of feeling mixed about them because the similarities between these two shoes is too close to be coincidental. I thought Steve Madden was bad but this is pretty blatant.

The top shoe is the Sevigny Heel by Gucci, available for $695 on Saks...

A very striking patent heel with a fashion-forward style. I love the wide strap, giving a new twist to a double-strap mary jane.

Now, here's the Nine West Olavera, in pre-order for $79 on ...

Hmmmm.... that's pretty darn close if you ask me. I'm kind of shocked and dismayed that they are so closely copying this. They also did the shoe in gold, which I actually like better than the Nine West black, but both look kind of shoddy next to the Gucci pair, especially in the heel shape.


Also, is Chloe Sevigny really a style icon? I know she "takes risks" with her wardrobe, but really, does anyone like her??? Maybe it's just me.


Daniela said...

I don't like Chloe Sevigny, I definitely do not think she's a style icon. I'd like to stomp all over those white rimmed sunglasses of hers.

But that's just me.

anastasia said...

Hmm. Style icon, no. But I think she's just adorable on Big Love. Nicky is the one we love to hate!