Thursday, July 24, 2008

At the Crossroads

So I am finally wearing my Proenza Schouler sandals that I got on sale. These heels are way higher than they look. Kudos to SJP/Carrie for trotting around in them, even if it is only for a shot or two during filming.

I have a vision to get a cute mustard colored skirt to wear with them, but in the mean time I decided to wear a denim pencil skirt, a black cami and the hook and eye jacket from Patrick Robinson for Target. What's cool is that the hook and eyes on the jacket are a brass metal and it picks up the hardware on the shoes.

Mine are brown leather on the heel rather than the snakeskin version from the movie.

I am totally convinced that all they did for the movie was just cross buckle the straps. I wore them the traditional way but here they are both ways.

From the outside the cross-buckles look cute and the shoe still fits well but you do get a bit of a gap where the bottom strap attaches to the inside of the shoe. So I'm not totally convinced. But I'll probably give it a go with a different outfit.

This is a very graphic and tough-ish shoe. I'm a fan!


WendyB said...

Those are hawt!

Sal said...

Those babies are amazing ... but it hurts my feet just to look at them. I am such a heel-wuss!

x Miss Corrine x said...

LOVE the shoes! :)