Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Imitation = Flattery?

Personally I liked the more extreme version of the Dior sandals with their metallic and architectural heel but these more toned down versions are very attractive and eminently wearable too. Plus they're on sale for 50% off!

But if you're a fan of the shape and still can't come up with the $400+ of the Dior's these Nine West Everless sandals are an even more restrained nod to the shape.

They didn't take it quite as far, but the influence is definitely there. I rather like these and have them sitting in my shopping cart right now as I ponder whether to get them or not.


Daniela said...

So, I've been staring at the Nine West version and they just *bother* me. They're nice, but there doesn't seem to be a connection between the straps and the front. Like 9W made a pump and threw the straps on as an afterthought.

Save the pennies and get the black Dior version. I love them.

Princess Poochie said...

Aren't those Dior's gorgeous?

They look pettable!