Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

Is it weird that I can't remember what I wore to work on Monday? It was only three days ago and now I have no idea. I'm losing my friggin' mind. Seriously.

At least I can remember back to Tuesday. I wore this black shift dress from Target and a new cropped cardigan from Old Navy in olive. I did wear this big chunky pendant necklace which has a distressed chain. It looked pretty good together because the chain picked up the finish of the metal in the shoes.

Of course, I realized later, after swanking around feeling great all day that I had left the stupid size sticker on the front of the cardigan. Oh yeah, and no one told. Thanks, folks!

The shoes are my new "tough" pair from Nine West which I am totally in love with now. Not only are they cool but they are extremely comfortable. I mean, surprisingly so. And I got them for only $30 or so bucks on sale. That's cheaper than Target shoes.

Yesterday I wore my other Old Navy polka-dot skirt. The top was a jersey twist top from Ann Taylor. I should have bought 3 of them, they are that comfortable. And I wore a sparkly pink star pin to pull the accent colors together.

I actually thought about a few shoe options and had started by considering a lighter pink shoe but then remembered this sparkly Guess pair.

Happily the jeweled element has a tone of black in it which works back with the top so it looks good together.

Today's outfit is lame. It's raining. I'm off tomorrow, so today is my Friday and I'm being slack. I'm just wearing my Gap denim pencil skirt, a navy/red rugby stripe polo and my red Chuck Taylors. Although, according to my co-workers, me in flats is worth taking a picture of!

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