Monday, July 14, 2008

Working at Cross Purposes

Remember my second favorite outfit from SATC: The Movie? What? You don't have that list memorized???

Okay, to jog your memory, it's this Proenza Schouler outfit...

I especially liked her sandals. A bit chunky, graphic, a little nautical in there, strappy but not delicate.

All of the images I've seen of these shoes are as above - with the ankle strap and instep strap configuration. But all of the movie images show them on Carrie as having crossed straps. This leads me to believe that they simply cross-buckled the straps. Top strap attached to the bottom buckle and bottom buckled to top.

Clever, huh?

Well, I'm going to test that theory out, because, while the snakeskin covered heel version is nowhere to be found, I did score the brown leather version on sale (thank you again, Barneys!)

Sometimes I love having an off shoe size!

I hope I don't scrape myself up on the heel studs.

I didn't expect the straps to be leather. They looked more canvas but I guess I was wrong.

I hope the straps fit in the cross pattern. It will be like having two shoes in one.


that girl ? said... have a pair of Carrie shoes! Do you have others? I am sooo impressed!! x

Princess Poochie said...

Hmmmm... Let's see..

I have the black patent Manolo mary janes and I have the same style as the silver ones of hers that got stolen. But miner are in a camo silk.

I'd have to go back and look at the show. Not sure if I do or not.