Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Devil's in the Details

Friday night we went out with our good friend Miss C for her bday. It was going to be a pretty casual group and we were going to a non-fancy restaurant, so I didn't want or need to get too dressy. Also we were going right after work so I wouldn't have a lot of time to change.

But even though I was not dressing up, I still wanted to have some very "me" items since I would be meeting some new folks. So, I went simple with the clothes, just Gap jeans and a scoop-neck black top.

But I jazzed it up with some red "details"...

Of course I picked the shoes first - the red sequin Manolos (luckily I didn't wear my red double-strap Nine West mary janes - Miss C wore hers). Then I wore my Paraphernalia heart necklace. To keep with the red but a totally different style element, I switched into my (80s?) vintage clutch.

Maybe a little matchy but because the styles and textures were all different, I think they played off of each other in a fun way.


carrie said...

Hey Poochie! Did you get lots of comments on your necklace? Stunning piece,(I totally heart it. Ha!) I'd love to hear people's reactions to it

Princess Poochie said...


I always get surprised reaction and a lot of people think it is a tattoo which is funny too.

I just love it because it's pretty big and sort of odd.


puglyfeet said...

I have the black/white version of that Paraphernalia necklace -- I love to wear it.