Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back to School

I'm not sure what it is about school supplies and the back to school time period that I like so much. I was in Target tonight and they were just starting to put out all of the school supplies and I had to take a run down the aisles. I know it's kind of dorky but I just love all the paper, folders, pens and notebooks. I have way way way too many notebooks.

But I also love the prep school/school uniform look. I'm pretty fond of plaid. I think nine years in a parochial school will do that to you. Now I when I see plaid skirts or school boy jackets I just can't resist.

I just got two blazers that I found on sale for 50% off. I wasn't familiar with the BB Dakota line but they're awfully cute. When I did a search to get some images, I saw my cute blazer was in WWD.

It was the Beetlejuice-iness of the stripes that made me jump on it. B&W graphic stripes. Yes please!

There were not a lot of images on the site I bought it from so when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by all of the detail on the jacket. It's a little long in the sleeves but that is pretty typical for me. It's also a bit loose in the torso but I think I can always get it taken in, or even corset up the back with some ribbon.

I also got this jacket for 50% off and it's also by BB Dakota. This one is navy with white edges.

Here's my favorite surprise detail - both jackets have these giant safety pins at the cuff rather than buttons. Gah! Adorable!

I got both jackets for less than $100 bucks. Quite the bargain! I'm sooo pleased.


Robo said...

Cute blazers! My sister actually has the navy blue one, which she found at Nordstrom. I think it ranks up there with the "epic" nautical blazer from TopShop I picked up for her in the UK. We're dorks for back to school shopping, too. So much so that she made a comment at Target yesterday about how she can't wait for back-to-school shopping. Mind you she's in her 3rd year at college, and I'm WAY done with school :)

Daniela said...

Oh, I love school shopping!

I am doubly excited that I'm going to actually need to pick up school supplies this year as yours truly heads back to class to be a teacher (which, in my state, means that my current degree means squat, but that's okay... I only have to start over as a sophomore.)

I'll still be wearing my Prada loafers though. Just because one *could* wear sweatpants every day, doesn't mean one *should*.

I'm finding inspiration in the outfits from Mona Lisa Smile... retro, classic, but with a modern twist (I'm seriously glad I'm not the only one who watches movies for the wardrobe and set design.)