Friday, November 9, 2007

Designer Focus - Olivia Rose Tal

When we visited Asheville, I found a small shoe store which I didn't know existed (I'll feature them later) and something amazing happened. I found out about a designer that I had never heard of! I was so intrigued and excited.

This store had a large number of shoes from Olivia Rose Tal who is a designer in New York. She too seems to have a passion for embellishment and fabric, a passion I share. I liked a number of the shoes that I saw there and it was hard to decided. I ended up purchasing these orange and brown silk mules with jeweled buckles.

They are very sparkly and richly colored in person.

In the store and on the site there are a number of other styles that I would love to have. Here's a small sampling:

Snakeskin and striped silk.

I love this brown, blue and cream silk buffalo check with a contrasting fabric insole and soft bow. I almost bought these.

These charcoal, grey, blue and silver silk mules have an amazing crystal embellishment. I really really was torn about buying these and the ones I did get. We're going back December, so if they still have them, I may get them.

The shoes run about $200+ and are really comfortable. The silhouette are reminiscent of early Kate Spade mules. They are great with pants and long skirts, like my bridesmaid outfit. Some of the styles are a little older skewing but the richness of the materials makes them stand out.


Vicki said...

They really are the most beautiful shoes!!! I am with you on the fabric and embellishment

Charlotte Verdini Designs said...

I have a pair of green/ gold brocade with jeweled buckle and I love them ! Truly works of art...

Anonymous said...

I just bought a pair of Olivia Rose Tal - never paid that much in my life but I couldn't resist! So unique, and so comfortable. It was in a woman's club fashion show today and wore them and was the hit of the show!