Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On the road again

So I'm going to the home of the Happiest (or scariest) Place on Earth this weekend for that wedding I talked about so long ago.

So posting may be a bit sporadic, but I'm sure I'll have all sorts of good shoe stories to talk about.

Oh, and remember the bridesmaid outfit....

I ended up with none of my options. I'm actually going to wear these which have a low heel and should be quite comfy. They are by a new designer. I'm going to do a whole post dedicated to her so stay tuned!


Michael Smetana said...

Well, I live in the Orlando Area... If this is where you came, and it isn't really much of a surprise to me about the scary Disney thing... Disney Sure scares me.

Katie said...

I've been reading your blog (albeit irregularly) since it began and you put the word out on the Manolo's site! I too live in Fashion Exile (howdy neighbor) after moving here from the DC metro area, so I feel your pain.

Anyway, I am in lust with those shoes. Can't wait to read your write-up on the designer.