Thursday, November 22, 2007

For all you Gossip Girl lovers...

I haven't been watching Gossip Girl but I keep hearing the raves about how good it is. I know I probably won't get sucked in, but maybe I should because the fashion does look pretty good.

WhoWhatWearDaily featured some of the styles from the show's characters and where to get them. All the looks are cute but I loved the Blair Waldorf look below - shiny black trench, red stockings and the cutest boots!

They are Sam Edelman boots and were on sale at I like the mix of grey, white and teal toe cap - all popular style trends this year but so classic you could wear them forever. I had to run out and get these. 50% off! And they look more wearable than the Louboutin Emily booties.

When I couldn't find them at first, I, of course, went to Zappos. I found that Sam Edelman makes a few cute shoes and saw these boots in two other color combinations. I love the yellow quite a bit and were tempted by these.

But I like the tan, bordeau and white pair too. But they are full price on Zappos, so I decided to go with the teal version. Maybe I can get another pair later.

Look for some version of that outfit soon!

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