Friday, November 2, 2007

"Pure Sex"? Yawn.

When I first heard that Agent Provocateur was going to develop a line of shoes, I was actually very interested and intrigued. I've always admired their lingerie, the extensive storylines for each of their collections and their playfulness. Although I find their prices a bit high, I used to have a real "thing" for glam lingerie, so I could see how they were worth it.

And they just signed Maggie G. as their new temptress. She's great! Sexy, yet quirky. Unique.

But I'm so disappointed in this line, called "Pure Sex" by Kurt Geiger. AP already had darling retro heeled slippers with feathers and bows, which I can't seem to find on the site now, and they have replaced them with this line of incredibly obvious and, I think, boring bordering on tacky shoes.

Black strapped patent platforms? Yawn! YSL did this better with the Tribute earlier this year. I don't even find these sexy. They're just so expected and better suited to Frederick's.


And they are expensive too. All of these are $495, except the boots which are $570!
These are supposed to be work-wear. They look kind of cheesy to me.


These come in black too. They look okay on the model, but, to me they look very uncomfortable and I know I would have strapmarks all over my feet.


These are getting better, but don't look like anything that special. They come in black too.

Misty (I mean, seriously, who came up with these stupid names??? Misty? Blech!)

These have to be the best of the bunch, and I don't even like booties. I think I only like them because they remind me of a Louboutin pair. They have a good heel on them.

Maybe there will be more designs for the line in the near future, but as of right now, I'm unimpressed.

Thank goodness the rest of the site is more "interesting" to look at.

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