Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
So I'm finally back at work and back in heels. Yeah! I've been holding out on wearing my Miu Miu Vernice heels (the ones I was debating about a while ago). I decided to keep them, obviously but I feel justified because Saks did a one day sale and had them 30% off! I had to go through the hassle of ordering a new pair and sending back my original ones, but it's a big savings, so it's worth it. They also has the La Silla Stardust heels on sale too, so I got those as well.

I wore this dress to dinner over when I was in Orlando (paired with Manolo black mary janes) and liked it so much , I decided to wear it today. It's a new Mizrahi polo dress with a white ruffle collar from Target. My tights from JCrew that were on back order also arrived on my doorstep while we were away, so I paired the graphic black and white with bright bright pink!

yeah, I stick my butt out just like that in this dress, cause, ya know I love my boo-tay.

The Focal Point
While I think the shoes are amazing and unique, I'm sure people are blinded by my hot pink legs, so I guess they are the focal point today. But just for fun, let's take another view of these uber-cool shoes:

What's black and white and pink all over....

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