Friday, November 16, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I feel very Fall-princess-y in my outfit today. I'm wearing a dark brown cardigan and swishy skirt from Target layered over a black lace-edged camisole. It was quite chilly today so I have my faux-fur trimmed coat - also in black and brown.

My main accessory is my amazing feather fascinator from KissCurl on Etsy. It's so gorgeous in person.

The Focal Point
Although it is hard not to say my feather fascinator, I have to give some props to Mnsr. Manolo. And in keeping with the whole "textures of nature" thing I have going on with my earth tones, feathers and fur, I'm wearing Manolo pony hair heels that have a crocodile print - unexpected but elegant.

These shoes fit to perfection. I could wear them and walk in them all day.

Keep warm! It's time for hot chocolate tonight!

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