Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I feel sort of Anthropologie today with textures and somewhat odd mix of colors. This isn't the best representation, but it comes pretty close.

I'm wearing the new Erin Featherstone Velvet Blazer (in Great Lakes teal blue), underneath I have a dusky purple camisole with darker purple polka-dots and a straight medium brown skirt.

For shoes I'm wearing my new Le Silla "Stardust" heels - they are very comfortable and have an architecture and construction very similar to a pair of Blahniks. Plus I love the shine of the leather and the bone heels.

To tie the color of the bone heel, the jacket's teal and add a little shine, I'm wearing a pin I got at an art show made by a multi-media artist.

The Focal Point
My local Target had just put out the beginnings of the Erin Featherstone Go International collection the other day. They are all cute but seem to be trying to work for Winter and Spring. Some of the items were cute but not great. I did love this jacket however. The color is great. It's lined with satin in the same teal. The velvet makes it stand out and the shape is just interesting enough.

The back has cute detailing too, with the button placket. And I like the puff at the top of the sleeves.

I would recommend this piece. The black wool coat in the collection is pretty cute too.

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