Thursday, November 15, 2007

Store Focus: The Jazzy Giraffe

In a previous post, I mentioned my surprise when I went into a small shoe store in Asheville, NC that I didn't know was there and found gorgeous shoes by a designer I had never heard of.

Well, that store is The Jazzy Giraffe:

They don't have the greatest site in the world, so don't get too excited and the store itself is very small - kind of a weird shaped corner in a small mall but the shoes were nicely displayed and the staff was friendly. I was surprised to see several designers that I hadn't heard of as well as the fact that they carried Isaac Mizrahi (not the Target version) and Lulu Guinness. Very anachronistic for Asheville.

I ended up buying these Olivia Rose Tal mules and wore them, to much acclaim, to the wedding in was in.

These are the other pair I loved and hope are still there when we go back next month. Also by Olivia Rose Tal.

When I first walked into the store a lady was trying on these red suede Chie Mihara heels. She was kind of debating about getting them. I thought she was crazy! I would totally jump on those!

The store also carries unique clothes and purses from more designers I never knew existed. I love that! While there site isn't great, it's worth visiting just to see some of what they carry. I thought this Stella bag was kind of cool - edgy but retro.

If you are going to Asheville, I recommend checking them out. They're right downtown and, obviously, worth a visit. I can't wait to see what they have in stock in December!


Anonymous said...

There's also a store in Cary, NC that carries Olivia Rose Tall shoes. It's called Kristen's Shoe Boutique. Or maybe Kristin's. Regardless, it's in the Aboretum in Cary.

Princess Poochie said...

I'll have to check them out. I love finding new cute shoe stores!