Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I had planned on wearing this outfit yesterday but I felt so crummy that I worked from home most of the day and when I did finally go in to work for a few hours, I just wore jeans and a sweater.

So today's outfit is my v-neck light weight sweater from the Gap, a black pencil Mizrahi skirt, black ribbed tights and my black satin shoe-boots from Nine West.

It was raining when I came in and I didn't want to ruin my shoes so I wore my black with white polka-dot wellies.

For accessories, I wore a chunky Lucite bangle and a necklace I made myself from a barrel shaped lava stone bead.

The Focal Point
No, it's not my cleavage (this is a down angle shot, I don't think I look that saucy, really), it's the necklace I made. The lava stone is about an inch long and has a really neat matte texture to it. I like it because it is different and subtle.

I feel very streamlined and city today. Plus, I'm finally getting to wear some of my new clothes for Fall. I love tights and the Gap top is great. It's very soft and has a longer length which makes it go well with skirts and jeans. I'm sure to get a lot of use out of them.

BTW - I hate this new Polyvore system! Sorry for the weird cropping. Ugh!

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