Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I've been very excited about my new socks from Tabio which are reminiscent of the Prada socks and have been pining away for a chance to wear them. As these are a bit adventurous for my neck of the woods, I wanted to "test" them out on a day I knew I didn't have any external meetings.

I started planning my outfit the night before but found when I was putting everything on that the reality was a bit more challenging than I planned. It was kind of a struggle to find the right balance - I went through a few shoe and skirt wardrobe changes in the process. What I ended up with is my new grey kimono sweater from Gap, a stretchy pencil skirt from Victoria's Secret, my Etsy flower pin and the charcoal and burnt orange knee socks from Tabio.

I struggled with the shoe pairing because I wanted to balance the chunky socks but still be able to see the colors. So I ended up with these pewter Franco Sarto ankle-strap heels.

Cool stripes, huh?

The shoes by themselves...

The Focal Point
The socks, of course. Duh!

They're sporty and warm and kinda sex-ay! Or at least I think so.

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