Friday, November 30, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

It's cold and grey and so I'm rebelling by wearing lots and lots of color. I look like I've gone mad and am trying to turn into a SweeTart.

The Outfit
Black cropped pants to ground all the colors and show the cute sockies. Pink argyle sweater, pink patterned tabi socks. Lavender pashmina to keep me warm and black patent open-toe heels from Target. Plus I changed purses from my big brown purse to my orange Hermes.

I love orange for accessories just not for clothes (for me) as much. I want to get an orange Hermes scarf but I haven't found a pattern I'm dying for yet, so I'm using my vintage scarf.

Oh! These are the crazy sunglasses from my other post. I finally took a picture. They're so huge it's funny.

When we were in Orlando I went crazy in the Epcot Japan store and bought all kinds of cute Japanese things including four pairs of socks. They are just so darn cute! I was dying to wear them, so I wore the longer pair today. They are two shades of pink with fat white bunnies. How cute is that?

The Focal Point
I know I'm not twelve or anything, but dang! I love these bunnies. So, my focal point today are my bunny socks (and being pink!)

Wouldn't you want little bunnies scampering across your feet? I know you do!

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