Saturday, January 19, 2008

Come on in!

One of the requests that go around the blog universe is the request to see inside a person's bag. And maybe I'll get around to that, but I wanted to invite you into a bigger world. One of the things I am most passionate about. My home.

When we moved, we moved from a much smaller house that, while nice enough, was pretty generic. Most Florida homes are. So when we moved here we had an opportunity to find a house with some charm and quirks and character. And when we visited this house, on a whim actually, we fell in love with its crazy twists and turns and all the great woodwork and built-ins that are around each corner.

I love my house. Maybe too much. And while it doesn't say everything about me, it does say a lot. And we feel very comfortable here. And very protective of our house and everything with it. I'm going to try and share all the rooms with you and even some of the views from outside because we have a lot of cool trees and a great big yard (we sit on 3 acres here).

What I had first intended to share with you was my closet, but that is going to be a pretty big post so I'm gearing up to it by starting in the even more private room. The master bathroom. This house (at least most of it) is almost 110 years old. So, you can't love this house with out understanding and appreciating the unique features of an old house. And you can't come here expecting to get a big bathroom because you just won't get it.

Some things that are funny about this bathroom are that it sits at the top of our stairs on it's own little level. You have to go up two steps to the level the bedrooms are on. There are two entrances to the bathroom, one on the landing and one going into what was the Master bedroom (although we use it as a guest room).

This picture is taken from the doorway of the bedroom. To the left of the picture is the other door. We painted the bathroom a deep teal color. We have a fair amount of strong colors in the house so this goes along with the other tones, plus it makes the white fixtures and built-ins pop. The tub is an old enamel tub and we added a new shower head and rounded shower curtain bar. Our next step is to rip out the fiberglass stall part and tile in that whole alcove with white subway tile. We also want to add bead-board around the room to about chair rail height. You can enlarge all of these images. And you'll get to see a close-up of that vintage illustration soon!

Our house is decorated in what I call "Streamlined Vintage". What we have done is not period but it's in keeping with the spirit of the age of the house. I don't really like country or Victorian or anything and I really hate to dust. So we try to keep it neat. In the shower we wanted to get a fixture that had more of that English bath/claw-foot tub element to it. And we've always liked the nickel and porcelain fixtures. But we needed to be able to rinse the dogs off during their baths. We were so excited when we found this shower head.

Nothing fancy here. We added new towel bars and ripped out all the old painted over fixtures and hinges and knobs etc. It was a big pain, let me tell you. One thing we are going to leave in are the original honeycomb hex tiles. We have them in the downstairs bath too. You can't find these same ones any more and, although they have some cracks, we just love them.

We recently had to replace the sink that was there, but it was just as well. It was a small wall-mounted one and kind of sucked. Ours is very petite but because of the window and radiator we couldn't get any bigger. So, if you love the house, you have to deal with it. Plus, the radiator is great for warming your towels, especially on a cold snowy day like today (check out the view of the snow on the trees outside! Brrrr!).

The medicine cabinet is original too, we just added new hinges and a latch. We also got a cute goose-neck faucet with the "Hot" and "Cold" x-knobs. I did find a small magnifying mirror to stick on the regular mirror. The lighting isn't that great but most of the time I am using the natural morning light, so it isn't too big of an issue.

What's behind door #1 and door #2?

Lots of stuff apparently! One of the things that is great about this house is the amount of storage from all the built in cabinets that are everywhere (all in various shapes and sizes). We are able to fit all of our bath stuff (and then some) in here. Not only do these go from floor to ceiling but they are really deep too. Because stuff could get buried or lost in the back I have used containers to corral stuff. Sometimes I want to chuck half of it but we actually do use most of this. It's crazy, I know!

So, working our way from top to bottom (is this too much information? Probably, right?) I have some spare towels that I should give away, but they are actually nice. I'll most likely store them for future dog towel needs. The box holds dog supplies like nail clippers and brushes. The electric toothbrush is in here because the bathroom only had a plug on the light fixture (I told you it was old!). We got our awesome electrician to run a line into here which also keeps all this stuff out of sight.

The next shelf down is the "man's shelf" mainly because I'm too short to reach up into it. So, the husband's bin of stuff is there on the right. We also have miscellaneous things like Crest Strips and a small caddy for tweezers, nail files and clippers. Back behind it are band-aids and we actually have the electric screwdriver plugged in there.

The next shelf is mine. I consolidated all my make-up into this case and my bin has my lotions and blow drier and hair stuff. Hey! I just realized I missed a shelf in between there. It has this metal 4 drawer thing that has our cotton balls in one drawer, our q-tips in another. The top right has nail polishes and the top left has stuff like extra razors and sample stuff. Plus it has my soap dish for my Cetaphil face soap. Behind it is my sliver and crystal powder and some bubble baths.

Okay, the next shelf down has bins for general stuff. The left bin has a bunch of travel sized shampoos and shower caps. So if we have to travel or have a guest, we've got plenty of supplies. Oh, yeah, and my pedicure slippers. On the right is a bin for first aid supplies and "extras". Is that a thing of paint in there. I really need to clean this out! Geez!

Bottom shelf is for paper towels, cleanser, a hand-vac and a container of buttons, etc. You can also see our humidifier stored in the back there. That's how deep these things are.

In the right cabinet we have our hampers and keep the towels and sheets. The top shelf has the sheets and the soap we buy from the bee keeper at the farmer's market. That's our stockpile for the winter. The little Waterford clock is the first piece I ever got at 17. I like knowing its there.

The next shelf holds extra TP, as well as lavender delicates detergent and linen water. Plus some of our towels. We bought these huge bath sheets and they are so awesome. Now whenever we go anywhere else those regular towels seem like washcloths.

More towels, and ironstone pitcher/ewer set and a basket for delicates. You'll also see the tissues in there. Our crazy kitten loves to shred any kind of paper like tissues, paper towels or TP. We've had to lock it all up. It's so embarrassing. We have to tell guests that we've locked up the TP so we look like crazy people.

Then the big hamper (Obviously full too! I should be doing laundry instead of goofing off taking pictures all day. Aaack! I know what I'm doing tomorrow.) We also have a really sleek fire extinguisher tucked in the corner. The hamper is sitting on top of a big aluminum bucket which we've used for all sorts of stuff. There is some serious space in here.

But really, what bathroom tour would be complete without a peek inside the medicine cabinet? Until you can stop by to do it for yourself (you know you would, just admit it!), here you go.

Now before I even mention anything in here I'm going to say something you probably are not going to believe. This how it looks all the time. Seriously. I have a thing for organization (a.k.a. anal retentiveness). We have a lot of stuff so it all needs a home and it needs to stay there! Wait until you see the closets. I'm not kidding you. We may have pet hair and some dust but at least it's not on a lot of clutter. Clutter makes me crazy.

Guess which shelf is mine.

Okay, I'll stop teasing you. It's the top one. What do you mean you already knew that? A quick run through, left to right: anti-p, make-up, Prescriptives custom blended base, toothbrush, Proactive 4 pack, Oil of Olay Regenerist serum, Clinique eye make-up remover and eye cream, Burt's Bees Carrot spray, dental floss, Thayers Rose Water witch hazel.

The hubby has so few things he gets stuck with the toothpaste too. But look! He's got Kheils face wash. He's a serious Kheils junkie now. I wash my face with $3 Cetaphil soap and he's using the entire Kheils line. It's so weird.

Were you riveted? Well more to follow soon!


Daniela said...

Oh! I love the home tour idea! Thanks for the peek into your bathroom. My house was built in 1868, so I understand the quirkiness (we step down before we go into the bathroom, which is at the end of one of the upstairs halls.) Our bathroom is slated for remodel because of the heinous things that were done to it from previous owners. We have on our walls and CEILING 4-inch turquoise ceramic tile. The sink and toilet are new, and the faucet is similar to yours with the nickel and the porcelain, only ours are not 'x's. One says HOT and the other COLD on the porcelain. We have to replace everything regarding the tub and shower. We do not have a vent installed; we have a window IN the shower. The previous owners installed laminate tile over the hex tiles, so those are as good as gone, unfortunately. I have the most difficult time picking out tile. We are going to install a marble mosaic on the floor and likely paint the walls. I might install bead board, but haven't completely decided on it.

I do love your shower fixtures. Care to share the manufacturer?

Princess Poochie said...


We had a few horrors here too. Our downstairs bath (soon to be featured) needed to be gutted. There was burgundy and navy flocked wallpaper... in the shower! And when we pulled out the broken fiberglass showerstall there were exposed wires. Plus it had not been waterproofed so we had some mold! What a mess.

And I'm happy to help with the shower head. I'm pretty sure we bought this a Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's made by Pollenex. I couldn't find it on the BB&B site but this Conair one at Target looks to be the same -|Conair_Large_Rainshower_Showerhead_Chrome_White&ref=tgt_adv_XPYD0100

It was about $70.

I'd love to see your remodel!


Anonymous said...

I was riveted...My favorite part of dinner parties is going to the bathroom and peeking in all of the cabinets. It's horrible I know but I just can't seem to stop my self so this was the perfect post for me

Princess Poochie said...

My life is an open book!

; )