Monday, January 28, 2008

Pay Per Post?

So, as I'm delving more in the the blogsphere, I'm trying to test out the different opportunities there are to bloggers. I have been approached by a few companies, some to test product and some to swap links. I haven't really found a lot that I felt was "right" for me or this blog..

I did put up space for the Google ads, which seems pretty standard. But, while I want to learn more about ways to make money which will then further feed my shoe addition, I don't know that I want to just put any old thing on here either in the guise of a post.

The first company I'm checking out is

They seem to have a lot of content and opportunities. What I like is that I'll be able to pick and choose and see if there is good stuff to talk about. Of course, if I do, I will let you know that is what I'm doing. Because, otherwise, it would feel really false. Have you tried it out? What are your thoughts on paid advertising on blogs and pay per post?

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