Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong

What is happening here? Why, oh why would anything coming from Miu Miu, namely these flats,...

Miu Miu elasticated cut-out shoes - $395

... look, even remotely, like something from Crocs.

Crocs Prima "flats" - holy crap, are you kidding me? $25!

That is just so, so wrong!


Daniela said...

*walks into room, puts box down. Stands on box*

I hate Crocs. HATE them. I haven't touched them, so I do not know what they are made of, but they just look... supremely ugly. Fugly even. I cannot take someone seriously in Crocs. Sure, they're cute on the 2 year olds I see running about. I make it a point not to wear something that is appropriate for a toddler. What is next? Ruffled bloomer panties underneath skirts? Puffy snowsuits? Garanimals?

Wear shoes for adults, people!

*steps off of box, picks up box, walks away*

WendyB said...