Friday, January 25, 2008

That Rosy Glow

The other day I mentioned that I was having some challenges regarding the sequined Manolos in Oro. I got all three of the shoes at the same time. The red and fuchsia pair where in more of a rounded toe style and grouped together on the BG site and the Oro pair was grouped with a version in black. They also looked like the heel was slightly different and pointier. My plan was to get them all, see which ones I liked and that fit, if any, and send back the rest.

But I was most excited to get the Oro pair. Now I know that Oro means gold. But if you look at the picture on the site (shown here) they seem to have a pink-ish cast to them which could possibly be extremely pretty. Also, in the item description on the site it reads: Choose Oro (blush, shown) or black (see below) sequins. And when you zoom in on the image there is a definite pink tone.

But when they arrived they were gold. Not rose gold and not at all blush, but full on gold. Shiny shiny gold. Almost tacky gold. And, as the heel isn't sequined but is just a plain shiny finish, it actually did look tacky. The husband, who usually doesn't not have much of an opinion on these matters agreed with me. Luckily these were 35.5s while the other two were 35s so they were too big anyways.

Since I was so surprised that I called customer service to see why they were so misrepresented and to see if maybe it was just my pair that looked so gold. They were going to track them down at the warehouse to see what the deal was. But I also decided to call the NYC store to see if they even had them in the stores and to see what their opinion was considering they were seeing them in person.

So when I called they said they looked pink-ish to them, not gold! What the heck!

But then they said they also had a pair in 35, which had not been available online when I place my other order. So for curiosity (and hopes sake) I said to send them to me. I could always return them if they still weren't what I wanted.

They arrived last night.

And they are definitely more pink, when you look at them in natural light you can see a big difference. And even better, the heel is fully sequined just like the other two! I don't think you can tell the color as much. Although it is not as "blush" as it is in the BG picture, more like a champagne, it is not the tacky gold like before.

The shape is different though. The Oro pair are much pointier and the sides near the toe-box are lower. And even though these are a 35, they're surprisingly still a little loose, which the others aren't.

I'm still deciding whether I'm going to keep the Oro pair. I'll have to test a shoe cushion insert which would help anyways because these are both really high heels. They're listed as 4 1/10" heels and I think that extra little bit pushes them over the top.

So my advice, if you want to get them is to try and get them through the store if you want the sequined heel. I'm not sure why they are different but I'm much happier with this version than the ones I got through the site.


WendyB said...

Interesting! I would definitely have expected "blush" to err more on the side of pink than gold.

StyleSpy said...

Look for the Pedro Garcia Noa. It's definitely rose gold and absolutely stunning -- I was a whisker away frm buying a pair at NM but cooler heads prevailed.

Princess Poochie said...

Those are a lovely color. And I am a fan of the Pedro Garcia.