Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

Way back in early November, I saw these awesome sequined Manolos and had to have them! I got all three of the colors I loved (although there is a slight issue with the Oro pair - more on that soon). But I think, unexpectedly, the red ones may be my favorite pair. They are so awesomely sparkly that I can't get over them. Now, I have a few pairs of red shoes but these are really eye-catching. They are soothing my heart over the loss of the ones that got away (I still pine for them).

Since they arrived on Friday, I decided over the weekend to wear them right away. Unfortunately, I didn't think about planning an outfit so when I had to get up and rush around and get ready to go to work I was not as definitive on what I wanted to wear, so I've done too versions of my ensemble today. What I'm wearing and what I wish I had added on to what I'm wearing.

The Outfit(s)
What I'm wearing is nice and comfortable and the shoes, of course, speak the loudest, but it just feels underdone to me. It's my v-neck Gap sweater, Mizrahi black pencil skirt and my black and white feather fascinator by KissCurl.

What I would have like to have done was add on some purple tights I have and then my chicken foot necklace. Maybe even tie my hair back with some purple satin ribbon. Don't you hate when you think of things later! I couldn't turn the car around to go home just for some tights, right?


I still can't get over how cool these are. KissCurl, you rule!

The Focal Point
All I can say is this picture does not do them any justice. At all.

I like the idea of the red-purple combo but does it look kind of cool with the rich, vibrant colors or does it remind you of Carrie from Flowers in the Attic or this???


Syndi said...

Sorry, the purple/red combo reminds me of the picture you have in the 'this' link! I liked what you did wear...though unfortunately for me the red top/black bottom combo reminds me of my middle school uniform

Princess Poochie said...

It is a trick combo, I agree!


Adrianne said...

What's wrong with the Oro pair? I've been trying to decide if I should save up for them.

Love your blog!


Princess Poochie said...

I'll take you through the issues on the Oro today.

And thanks!