Friday, January 11, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

I've been a little reluctant to post my outfits, because, well I just haven't been feeling them, ya know? I mean, they're okay and everything but because I didn't plan them out the night before and because I am a total slacker in the mornings, I had to sort of throw together what I was thinking about. And I'm not totally thrilled with the results.

Here's what I had on yesterday and today -

The Outfits
I had planned on wearing my new vintage gold booties with black tights. Being a lazy git that was as far as my mental processes got. So when I went to get dressed I got a mental block. I wanted to wear the newly acquired shoes but had no inspiration to draw on for the remainder of the outfit. So I ended up with a pleated black miniskirt and black v-neck sweater. I was trying to craft a necklace using my large "gold" vintage pin and some very regal purple satin ribbon but it all died on me. The pin was forced to act as it's regular old pin self.

Thursday shoes - vintage Kenneth Cole slingback lace-up booties.

My vintage pin - She looks far lovelier than I was feeling.

Today it is crummy and rainy. I've been wearing black most of the week so I just needed a little color. I'm wearing one of my approximately 15 argyle sweater with my jeans. How neutral is that.

I did pair it up with my new vintage Etienne Aigner pumps that are a luscious teal. The sweater has a really bright teal line as a part of the pattern, so I used the heels and my London Blue topaz ring to try and pull that out.

So blue!

I would have liked to have worn a thin patent belt in a really bright color like yellow or purple. Now I have to go track one down.


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