Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I'm very happy with my outfit today. I think the shapes and colors look really good on me and reflect my personality. The top and skirt are not that unusual but they fit well and have a fun pattern. But then you mix in the bright fuchsia tights and peep-toe shoes and you get a fun look that is girly and just a bit quirky (at least for my office anyways).

The tights are from JCrew and the skirt, top and heels are from Target.

The Focal Point
I think it's mostly the fact that I feel really happy and comfortable in this outfit. It's also about the total mix of colors. I like the bright pop of pink and how the tights let me bring in a lighter-weight skirt for a cooler weather wear.


Daniela said...

Love it. It is a very Valentine-ish sort of look. I love the skirt.


Princess Poochie said...



DizneeNut said...

I absolutely LOVE the pink tights.