Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

So work has been ridiculous this week and then I've had to go to meetings almost every night. Now the weather today was bad so that has thrown my whole posting schedule off. I'm a day behind on everything.

The Outfit
This is what I wore yesterday: an argyle sweater in greys and blues with a pleated dress denim skirt from Target. This is a very "cool" outfit that normally would call for silvery jewelry but I added a vintage gold locket, because....

The Focal Point
I wanted to wear my vintage deadstock Joseph La Rose heels. They are so crazy. They're light blue, pink and gold wingtip spectator heels with dark bottle green enameled heels.

I actually paired these with some gold metallic knee-socks which just added to the craziness. These shoes are so narrow it is crazy. It was the first time I had really worn them so I needed the socks to help break them in. I love them but I suffer for them a bit.


anastasia said...

Desperately wanted that skirt. The 2 was too big though and the only one in stock. Le sigh.

Thanks for the regular dose of shoe fantasy.

Princess Poochie said...

It's a good skirt for looking nice yet somewhat casual. I little dressier than a typical denim skirt but with the same color. The pleats keep it looking contemporary.