Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Look for Nine West

What happened at Nine West when I wasn't looking. The last I saw they were churning out a bunch of bad designs and tacky knock-offs. Now they are showing tons of edgy looks and bold color combinations.

I'm not sure I like everything they are doing but they are really pushing the envelope compared to what they've been doing for the past year or two. Is there a new desinger in house that has injected some new energy and shaken up their team?

Here are some of the latest styles. Most of them have several color options to choose from.

Nine West Jym - $83 - Zappos

Nine West Nacre - $100 - Zappos

Nine West Up and Away - $83 - Zappos

Nine West Heathers - $89 - Nine

Nine West Gohana - $83 - Zappos

Nine West Evachen - $79 - Nine

Nine West Tutti - $89 - Nine

Given the wide range of styles and influences, I'm eager to see what's next from them.

Check out all of the new styles at Zappos and Nine West.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Oooh, I'm loving Heather. Perfect name for a pretty but tough shoe. Now do you think these will kill popular cheerleaders with nasty dispositions?