Friday, January 18, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

I'm in a much better mood today, thank you. I went home, had a pedicure last night (chipped polish is such a downer) and ate some yummy chicken pot-pie and salad for dinner. It's a still cold but sunny day so I awoke much improved in mood.

The Outfit
Did I wear black all week or did it just seem that way? I wanted to finally wear some color. But it's still cold out so, yes, I'm actually wearing leggings. I know, I know but I'm not wearing them as pants (a la Lohan) and that's okay, right? Brown v-neck sweater, denim skirt, brown leggings with bright teal/aqua accents. I'm wearing a vintage bubblegum necklace, a fringe-y wrap and then my funky argyle shoes.

I actually saw these shoes through Polyvore when I was looking up argyle stuff the other day and the color was so bright and fun I thought I would get them. They are a brand I have never heard of, Not Rated, and they are pretty inexpensive. These are not high-end heels by any stretch but for a just-for-fun buy I didn't want to pay a lot. I actually got these through Endless and they were only $35 once they applied the $5 off, but they are also available on Zappos too, albeit for $46. But you can try and do the price matching policy Zappos has.

They're pretty cute, right?

I love the pattern and I really love the lacing on the front. It's one of my favorite details ad so cute on a round-toe pump. And I love love love the color. Such a cheery blue to help keep me in a good mood!

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Kitty said...

Those shoes are amazing! I want them now!