Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kind of Flat

There was a lot of praise for the Chanel S/S 2008 Couture show but it left me pretty much uninspired. There were a few interesting details like these folded and pleated skirts, but over all, eh, not feeling it.

I like the folds on this:

and the pleats and stitching on this:

I did like these dresses. They were unusal and had an element of the strange about them.

But they were nothing compared to the Lacroix and Dior shows. At least not to me anyways.

But what really left me cold was the fact that they were all in flats. I'm sure this is to be seen as different going against the grain but it seemed almost too forced and silly to me. In fact I found it somewhat distracting from the clothes rather than being an accessory to enhance.

I love flats and all but they just seemed so out of context, especially with the dressier items. I'm not sure they helped to create an ethereal look.

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