Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Vintage Treasure Trove

I had never really considered vintage shoes as viable options before my experience with vintage La Rose dead stock. And I hadn't really done a lot of exploring of vintage shoes on Ebay (everything else, yes, shoes no), but I've been really happy with some of the pieces that I've found on there. The style, quality, fit and condition have all been good.

I try to pace myself so I end up going through the site every few months and just seeing what there is on there that I have to ruthlessly stalk down and use dirty sniping tactics to make them mine. Here's my latest haul:

These are three of the shoes I got (one more is on the way). What we have (from left to right) are a pair of 90's teal Etienne Aigner pumps, a pair of 80's Kenneth Cole gold lace up shoe-boots, and 40's/50's Nanette brown suede heels.

Here are some close-up views of the Etienne Aigner shoes:

The color is a beautiful peacock teal with these great little cut-outs on the back and sides. They are very walkable and comfortable.

The gold Kenneth Cole's are kind of funky and very very gold. I think I was influenced by Jennine at The Coveted and Susie at Style Bubble. They have such fantastic style that they encourage me to take greater risks with my wardrobe.

I'll probably wear them this weak with all black and some black tights so they really pop.

But I can't pass up my favorite mid-century heel silhouette. I love these brown suede and leather pair that I got.

The loopy stitching is great and like nothing you would get today. I think I'll wear this with a tweedy or plaid skirt.

I just got a few other amazing pairs. As soon as they come in, I'll post them up because they are too pretty to not share.

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StyleSpy said...

Oooooh, gold boots are yummy!! I have a pair of bronze chunky YSL mary janes that I'm going to wear today, inspired by your gold boots.